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Dianne Picton
about 1973

Butterfly Sermon- by Rev. Dianne Picton
Life of Rev. Dianne (Schrader)  Picton- by her husband Owen Picton
A Discussion on Today's Poverty- by Rev. Dianne Picton
Notes on 1975-76 and 1981-82 Trips to Mexico- by Rev. Dianne Picton
Mision Luterana San Pablo- 1993 Congregation Picture Book
Made while Dianne Picton did her one year of Seminary Internship at San Pablo Lutheran Church
Ancestors of Rev. Dianne (Schrader) Picton- My first wife
Notes on Great Grandparents of Rev. Dianne (Schrader) Picton
Family Newspaper and Other Articles
Family Picture Selection
Schrader Family Antiques
Story of My Life by Anna Cook - Typed and edited by her Granddaughter Rev. Dianne Picton
Family Anthrax and Death of Dianne's Grandfather August Cook - by Anna Cook
Dianne's Connection - to the Stuhr Museum at Grand Island
Family Tombstone Selection
Maternal Line Information-12 Generations - starts at 1711 - Mitochonrial DNA Haplogroup K2a6
Dianne's Aunt Ruby (Cook) Greenwall Family and LaVonne (Havekost) Monson Family

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