Cost to Live
A Wonderful Life


Owen Picton

May 2019


This is an example and not exactly real figures. How much does it really cost in dollars to spend a dollar for pleasure over a years time? Example below:

$50,000 yearly gross income

cost for food
cost for taxes
medical costs
cost for house or house rent
cost for transportation
cost for insurance
educational costs
Total necessary costs

cost of food eating out
vacation costs (includes motel, gas, food and vehicle expenses)
Fees to belong to different organizations
insurance costs for extra for extra things such as nuring home insurance
Donations, charities, and religious gifts
additional travel costs for none necessary things
sporting, plays, and music event costs
sporting, plays, and music participation costs
Total unnecessary costs

Total unnecessary costs divided by total necessary costs equals costs in dollars to earn it.

For every unnecessary dollar you spent, it cost you xx dollars to earn it.

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