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MEMORIES - Through The Years - by Martha Eliza Picton
Stories about Jacob and Katie Roesch plus Frederick and Magdalena Zimmerman
Stories about Henry and Mary Roesch -
Stories about Edgar Roesch -
Roesch Family Story - Coming to Richardson County, Nebraska - About Lena (Roesch) Huettner - Sister to my Grandfather Henry Roesch Sr. and the Aunt of my Mother Martha Eliza (Roesch) Picton
Zimmerman Family Story - Life in Germany - As Remembered by Eliza (Zimmerman) Hey - Sister to my Grandmother Mary (Zimmerman) Roesch and Aunt to my Mother Martha Eliza (Roesch) Picton
Mary Idol 7-18-1927 Letters-from Martha and Lena Roesch
[Martha (Roesch) Picton is the Mother of Owen Picton and Mary Idol is a Granddaughter of Henry and Mary Biddle also Mary Idol is the Mother of Harold Roesch]
School Stories connected to Owen Picton and Donald Schmidt
Memories of the Past by Irvin Schmidt Brother-in-law to Fred Roesch and Mary (Roesch) Schmidt.  Fred Roesch and Mary (Roesch) Schmidt are brother. and sister of my Mother Martha Eliza (Roesch) Picton.

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