Old Schrader and Cook Family Pictures

Chris and Augusta Schrader
1886 Wedding Picture

Chris & Augusta Schrader with family
Sitting L-R: Elmer, "Unk", Chris Schrader, Leitha, , Augusta (Berns) Schrader
Standing L-R Vern, Chris, Alvin, Ed, Lottie, Bessy

Chris Schrader
about 1837

Hans and Sophie Petersen

Elmer and Anna (Petersen) Schrader
Wedding Photo
December 23, 1913

Martin & Lena Peters on 50th wedding anniversary
L. to R.: Anna (Peters) Cook, Volena, Martins Peters,
Lena (Leuenhagen) Peters, August Peters, Lillian, and Rose

Cook family 6/21/70
L. to R.: Lois, Ruby, Paul, Grandma Cook, Martin and Marge

William & Lena Cook

August & Anna Cook with family
Sitting L-R: Anna (Peters) Cook, Lois, August Cook
Standing L-R: Ruby, Paul, Martin, Lyle Schrader and Marjory (Cook) Schrader

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