Picton Family, Children and Grandchildren Pictures part 2

Picton Reunion
L. to R.: 2nd child Mary Picton with Martha Picton behind her, boy is Owen Picton next to sitting Mattie Picton
about Year 1942

Picton First Cousins
L. to R.: Everett Picton, Stephen Bowen, Beulah (Bowen) Watkins, Samuel Picton, Frances (Bowen) Goodwin, Marjorie (Picton) Reese, unknown, Claribel (Picton) Bruning, Florence (Bowen) Futscher
Picture with 34th Annual Picton Reunion - year 1969

L. to R.: Samuel, Marjorie and Claribel Picton

L-R: unknown, Grandpa Owen Picton, Grandma (Mattie), & Samuel Picton
Swimming in Long Beach, Calif. in August 1930

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