Biddle Pictures

Part 1

My Great Great Grandmother - Mother of Henry Biddle
Margaret (Crocker) Biddle
2/19/1803 - 9/30/1887

My Great Grandmother - Wife of Henry Biddle
Mary (McBride) Biddle - 1915
1/21/1850 - 9/2/1929

My Great Grandparents
Henry and Mary Biddle
Parents of Mattie Picton

My Great Grandparents
Henry & Mary Biddle family about 1913
BACK ROW (1 to r) Charles Idol, Bessie Biddle Idol holding Emily Virginia Idol, Calvin Biddle, Grace Biddle, Sam Biddle, Lulu Biddle Phillips, holding Mary Ellen Phillips, Bercha (Sam's wife), Mattie Biddle Picton, George Biddle, Mary Biddle Gilmore,Charles Gilmore.
FIRST ROW (1 to r) Wilma Biddle, Marlorie Picton, Margaret Idol, Harrison Idol, Henry and Mary Biddle(with Cecil Biddle and Samuel Picton in front) Helen Gilmore, Claribel Picton, Elizabeth Gilmore and Mary Idol. Gordon Biddle behind Helen Gilmore.
At Henry & Mary Biddle home about 1913 because Emily Idol was born in 1912 and is a baby and the below picture has all including my Dad, Sam Picton with the same cloths and hair in both pictures

Samuel, Marjorie and Claribel Picton - 8/6/1913

Old Henry and Mary Biddle House
Marjorie Picton, George Biddle, Claribel Picton and Samuel Picton

My Great Grandparents
Henry & Mary Biddle family
Children look to be the same age as in above Biddle family picture.

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