Picton and Biddle Pictures

Part 5

L-R: unknown, Grandpa Owen Picton, Grandma Mattie (Biddle) Picton, & Samuel Picton
Swimming in Long Beach, Calif. in August 1930

Picton and Gilmore Families
Front L_R: Mattie Picton, George Biddle, Elizabeth (Gilmore) Hey, Helen (Gilmore) Evans, Virgil Evans
Back Row L-R: Dorothy Picton held by Martha Picton & Mary Picton behind her standing on the porch post, Margorie Reese, unknown, Mary Gilmore, John Reese, Charlie Gilmore (maybe)
Picture was taken at Claribel & Paul Bruning

Ruth Alice Reese and Wayne McNish Wedding Shower
Front L-R: Dorothy Picton, Janie Evans & Mary Picton
Back L-R: Unknown, Caribel Bruning, Joan Evans, Ruth Alice, Mary Gilmore, Martha Picton, Wayne McNish, Unknown, Marjorie Reese, Helen (Gilmore) Hey, Mattie Picton
Picture was taken after the shower for Ruth Alice at the Mt. Zion social room, the hostesses stood on the church steps with Ruth Alice and Wayne. Mary Carol Picton was the flower girl at the wedding.

Picton & Reese Families
Front L-R: Mary, Dorothy, Lisa, David, Camilla, Stephen, Mary Kathryn , J.W.
Back L-R: Owen, Allan, Martha, Dud, Margorie, Wesley, Samuel, John jr, Ginger

Grandma Mattie Picton with all her grandchildren
Front row L-R: Mary Picton, Owen Picton & Dorothy Picton
Back Row L-R: Ruth Alice Reese, John Reese, Grandma Mattie Picton
Martha Picton hidding behind Dorothy

L-R: Martha and Samuel Picton, Elizabeth Hey, Helen Majures, Grandma Mattie Picton

Double Four Generations
Picton, Biddle & Reese Families
Back: L-R: Ella Reese and Mattie Picton
Middle: Minnie Reese, Marjorie Reese and Mary Biddle
Front: Ruth Alice Reese

Biddle Picture about 1940
Taken about 1940 based on the age of Janie Evans. Janie made the following identification:
Front row: unknown baby might be Charles Marion Campbell, Jr., held by Aunt Bessie Idol, Joan Evans with a doll, Aunt Bercha Biddle Uncle Sam's wife (maybe), Uncle Sam Biddle seated, Janie Evans, Walter Karl Myers (maybe), Helen Evans and Virgil Evans.
Back Row: Harrison Idol, Imogene Myers, Emily Campbell, Charles Marion Campbell, Sr., Aunt Mattie, George Biddle, Charlie Gilmore, Mary Gilmore, Elizabeth Furr, N. C. Furr, Margaret Myers. I'm pretty sure these are right except for the "maybes".

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