The Family Tree
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Picton

Their Family
and Descendants

Green Book
Table of Contents


Green Book
Online Index

    Page 1                              Appreciation and Thanks for Green Book cooperation
    Pages 2 and 3                  Stephen Picton and Descendants Family Pictures part 1
    Page 4                             Table of Contents
    Pages 5-6                         Introduction
    Pages 7-10                       Account of Picton Family's Journey from Wales
    Pages 11-50, 97-137        Descendants of Stephen and Eliza Picton- Updated genealogy in the Green Family Tree Book

    Pages 2-3, 56-66, 85-95  Pictures
    Pages 148-149                 Picture Index

    Page 51                            Hatch's to Alaska
    Page 52                            Mining Gold in Siberia
    Pages 53-54                     Genealogy Research and Link to Infornation
    Page 55                            Picton Castle, Picton Name and Picton Coat of Arms
    Page 67-84                       Probate Records and Wills
    Page 68                            Index to Probate Records and Wills
    Pages 74-76                     Picton Genealogy (before Stephen Picton)
    Page 96                            History of Pembrokeshire Peoples
    Pages 138-143                 Sources of Information on Stephen Picton and his descendants

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