Henry and Mary Biddle Newspaper Articles

Part 3

My Great Grandfather
Henry Biddle - Obituary
(10/18/1920 - 8/30/1841)
My Dad, Samuel Picton said he was climbing a tree and saw his Grandfather Henry Biddle go out to get the mail. All at once his Grandfather raised his arms in the air and fell dead.

Henry Biddle - calendar - Monday, 18 October, 1920

Henry Biddle - Obituary

Henry Biddle - death

Henry Biddle - phone

Henry Biddle - phone death and Sam Biddle grapes

Henry Biddle - phone Cal Biddle

Henry Biddle - funeral announcement

Henry Biddle - funeral travel

Henry Biddle - maybe his friend

Henry Biddle - funeral

Henry Biddle - probate

Mary Biddle - Train trip to California

Henry Biddle - Funeral

Mary (McBride) Biddle - sick

Mary (McBride) Biddle - sick and Ruth Alice (Reese) McNish birthday party

Mary (McBride) Biddle - sick

My Great Grandmother
Mary (McBride) Biddle - Obituary
(1/28/1850 - 8/2/1929)

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