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Biddle Genealogical Pictorial Tour of London
William Biddle I descendants- Listing created in 1998 on old Geocities Website
Biddle Ancestors - More detailed breakdown of Information- My Grandmother was Martha (Biddle) Picton
Ancestors and relatives of Lydia (Wardell) Biddle- Wife of William Biddle II (They are my ancestors)
The Mother of Lydia (Wardell) Biddle - was partially stripped and Whipped because she was a Quaker.
Her Uncle Samuel Wardwell was hung as a witch at Salem, MA on 22 Sep 1692.
How she has a common ancestor with four US Presidents and so is related to them (as I would be related).

Roesch Family and Zimmerman Family Website- My Mothers Family
Rev. Dianne (Schrader) Picton Family Website- My First Wife - died 11/30/2002
Rev. Lila (Taylor) Picton Family Website- My Second Wife - died 8/9/2013
Stephen Picton- Information related to Stephen Picton of Hiawatha Kansas born 1825
My Moment in the Web of Time by Owen Picton (my autobiography) (myself)
Other Interesting Newspaper Articles-Found while researching Newspapers

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