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Jacob Roesch wedding shirt

My Grandfather was Henry Jacob Roesch married to Mary (Zimmerman) Roesch. His father Jacob Friedrich Roesch was a weaver, tailor and shoemaker. He made his own wedding shirt. He grew the flax, spun and wove the linen cloth, and sewed the shirt. This hand spun, hand woven linen wedding shirt was made by my ancestor Jacob Friedrich Roesch for his wedding to Christina Rapp in 1868.

The wedding shirt must be about 3 feet long with two initials in red in the lower left hand corner of the shirt. The shirt buttons down the back. The first letter looks like an Y with a dot over it. It is felt that the two red initials stand for Yakub Rösch. The first initial letter Y with a dot over it is reported to be the old-fashioned representation of the letter Y, which is how the Germans pronounce the J in Jakub---as Yakub (we say Jacob). They say a capital J and Y are interchangeable in German. Sep below picture for closeup of initials.

Jacob Roesch wedding shirt initials

My Grandmother - Maria (Zimmermann) Roesch wedding blouse

My Grandmother - Maria (Zimmermann) Roesch wedding skirt

My Grandmother - Maria (Zimmermann) Roesch wedding head peace

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