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Ancestors of my Grandfather Owen Picton- Son of Stephen Picton
Elizabeth (Phillips) Rees (Mother-in-Law of Stephen Picton)- Genealogy and Rhydyparc Cemetery
Stephen Picton Obituary- Translation from Welsh
Old pictures related to the Stephen Picton family-
Other newspaper articles related to the Stephen Picton family
Family Reunion for Descendants of Stephen and Eliza Picton
Owen and Mattie Picton - Paper and Newspaper Articles-Son of Stephen and Eliza Picton
Samuel and Martha Picton - Card and Newspaper Articles-Son of Owen and Mattie Picton
Daughters of Owen and Mattie Picton-

Corresondence between Rev Thomas Picton in America and Wales relatives- 1st cousin once removed from Stephen Picton
Newspaper article related to the 1870 Stephen Picton family departure to America- poor Google translated from Welsh
Stephen Picton (1825-1896) in a Historical Context- Related to Local Kansas Information and Nearby Welsh Immigration Stories
Stephen Picton Family Immigration from Wales to Kansas- by Mrs. Lewis Morgan, 1957 (revised by Owen Picton)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Picton- Genealogy in the green Family Tree Book - their family and descendants1825-
Picton Prospecting and Gold Mining Stories - Related to the Stephen Picton family-

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