Rev. Thomas Picton
last letter from America
to a Cousin in Wales

Owen Picton

On the subject of why Rev. Thomas Picton of West Point and New Jersey came to America. Before the age of personal computers, a relative sent me a translation of a letter by Rev. Thomas Picton which he sent to Wales. The relative died a long time ago. It was on copy paper which I did not realize would fade to white and so I never was able to place it on the computer when computers came along. It was one of the last letters Rev. Thomas Picton wrote. As I remember it, he said that his son-in-law Edwin Stevens at Hoboken in New Jersey was coming to Wales for a visit. He said please do not tell him why I came to America because it would do no one any good to know why.

As I understand it, Edwin Stevens at Hoboken in New Jersey and his brothers became rich because they were the Father of all railroads. They invented how to keep a train from falling or flying off the track. They initially purchased a train engine from England and made modifications which enabled the train to stay on the track. Railroads then become successful.

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