Henry Roesch Family Children Pictures

Roesch sisters and brothers
(L-R) Bk: Mary, Lena, Fred & front:Martha & Henry Roesch

(L-R) Wilbur, Walter & Edgar Roesch

(L-R) Wilbur, Walter & Edgar Roesch

(L-R) Mary, Lena and Martha Roesch

Lena Roesch
Sister of Mary and Martha

Lena Roesch

(L-R) Martha Roesch, Henry Roesch, Mary Idol in 1929
Martha (Roesch) Picton says: The picture was taken on top of the old Woodman of the World Building in Omaha in 1929. From the top floor they had a stairway leading to the roof, so visitors could get a sky line view of Omaha. This picture was of Martha (Roesch) Picton, her bother Henry Roesch and his girl friend Mary Idol. Henry and Mary were married in 1930. It was very windy on top of the roof.

Henry and Mary (Zimmerman) Roesch
(L-R) Standing: Lena, Edgar, Fred, Mary, Henry, Wilbur, Martha
Sitting: Grandma Roesch, Walter, Grandpa Roesch

Grandma with her children on her birthday - 5/26/47
(L-R) Wilbur, Martha, Edgar, Grandma, Fred, Lena, Henry and Mary

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