The Family Tree
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Picton

Their Family
and Descendants
1825     -     1976

Green Book

Stephen Picton was born in 1825 and this Green Book was printed by Owen Picton in 1976. This green book reports who are the descendants of the Stephen Picton family. We descend from the PICTON family, of the NORTHERN BRANCH. DNA proves all tested Picton branches from Pembrokeshire, Wales descends from the same Picton male. Realize that 1976 was before the age of personal computers, the internet or smart phones. I had no computer genealogy software. This Green Book was typed on a manual none electric typewriter. The month and day online is blank in birth and marriage dates for living people listed in online Green Book descendants list. A lot of my source transfer locations outside this website, have changed over time, do not work and require you to redetermine or find the new address.

Table of Contents


Green Book
Online Index

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    Page 1                              Appreciation and Thanks for Green Book cooperation
    Pages 2 and 3                  Stephen Picton and Descendants Family Pictures part 1
    Page 4                             Table of Contents
    Pages 5-6                         Introduction
    Pages 7-10                       Account of Picton Family's Journey from Wales
    Pages 11-50, 97-137        Descendants of Stephen and Eliza Picton- Updated genealogy since making the Green Family Tree Book
    Pages 2-3, 56-66, 85-95  Pictures
    Pages 148-149                 Picture Index

    Page 51                            Hatch's to Alaska - for gold
    Page 52                            Mining Gold in Siberia
    Pages 53-54                     Wales and USA Census Research - and Link to Information
    Page 55                            Picton Castle, Picton Name and Picton Coat of Arms
    Page 67-84                       Probate Records and Wills
    Page 68                            Index to Probate Records and Wills
    Pages 74-76                     Picton Genealogy (before Stephen and Eliza Picton) - (Ancestors)
    Page 96                            History of Pembrokeshire Peoples
    Pages 138-143                 Sources of Information for Stephen Picton - and other Information Sources

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