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Next Roesch Reunion June 16, 2018 at noon at Schilling Bridge Winery
in Pawnee City

Roesch Reunion - June 17, 2017 - Schilling Bridge Winery
in Pawnee City

Front – L to R: Cindy Picton, Kathryn Picton, Franny Ebmeier, Rose Ebmeier, Martha Picton, Silas Bloss and Paul Picton

Middle – L to R: David Picton, Mary Syre, Dorothy Tubach, Isaac Ebmeier (being held), Joe Ebmeier, Penny Ebmeier (being held), Deanna Ebmeier, Glenda Nelson, Laura (Ebmeier) Bloss, and Owen Picton

Back – L to R: Dud Syre, Pat Ebmeier, Allan Tubach, Gary Nelson, Cathy Ebmeier, Mark Bloss and Dorothy Schmidt

Harold Roesch Family - Brylie Roesch baptism
at St Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Falls City, Nebraska, USA
June 12, 2016

Front Row - L to R: Mary Ellen Roesch, Aydin McDonald, Tracy Roesch, David Roesch, Laura Roesch, Harold Roesch and Brylie Roesch

Back Row - L to R: John Latimer, Pastor Andrew, Kaitlin (Roesch) Latimer, Ethan Roesch, Shannon McDonald, Reagan Roesch, Robb Roesch and Heather Roesch

204 Year Death Anniversary of my Ancestor

Jakob Friedrich Gamer

who was killed fighting in Russia after being taken from Germany as a soldier in Napoleons Army in the War of 1812

He was the Grandfather of my ancestor Margaretha Magdalena (Suess) Zimmermann who is buried at St. Peters Lutheran Church Cemetery, Richardson County, Nebraska, USA

Family Stories -
Ancestors of Heinrich (Henry) Jacob Roesch- My Grandfather
Ancestors of Maria (Mary) Magdalena (Zimmermann) Roesch- My Grandmother
Descendants of Heinrich (Henry) Jacob Roesch and Maria (Mary) Magdalena (Zimmermann) Roesch- My Grandparents
Roesch Newspaper Articles-
Roesch Family Pictures-
Roesch Family Objects Pictures-
Zimmerman Newspaper Articles-
Zimmerman Family Pictures-
Zimmerman Family Objects Pictures-
Book listing my Roesch and Zimmerman Grandparents immigrating from Graben, Germany-
Maternal Line Information-13 Generations back to 1601 - Mitochonrial DNA Haplogroup H1aj
Other Interesting Newspaper Articles-Found while researching Newspapers

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