Picton Genealogy (before Stephen and Eliza Picton)

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Ancestors of my Grandfather Owen Picton- Son of Stephen Picton
Elizabeth (Phillips) Rees (Mother-in-Law of Stephen Picton)- Genealogy and Rhydyparc Cemetery including pictures

Thanks to Jeanette Froeschner for the information she provided and for suggesting that I visit the Cemetery at Rhydyparc, Eglwys Fair a Churig in Carmarthenshire which is just a few miles away from Cwmfelin Mynach (Monks Mill)and near the previous Chocolate Farm. The Cemetery at Rhydyparc, Eglwys Fair a Churig is where Elizabeth Rees is buried.

The below website contains another source of information about the Rhydyparc Cemetery including Elizabeth Rees who died Oct 8, 1873. She is my great great grandmother and the mother-in-law of Stephen Picton. They said the cemetery is on the internet because it is an Arminian cemetery within the Unitarians. The cemetery is in poor condition and all that remains of the church are the 4 walls. The people who own this location, have made about 3 or 4 lakes where people pay to fish.They say about 21 springs exist on this property. I think the Email address of the people who own this property (Gwen and Terry) is:

For Rhydyparc, Eglwys Fair a Churig in Carmarthenshire just click on the below website:
Click on the Memorial Inscriptions, The Memorial Inscriptions listed appear to be what is inscribed on the tomb stones. They say a tree had fallen a few years ago and destroyed some of the stones.

 Stephen Picton Obituary- Translation from Welsh


Picton Pedigree Chart (before Stephen Picton)

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Old Picton pedigree chart Drawn in about the 1600's - Refers to the Picton family as The "Advenae" meaning foreigner.
Old Picton Chart Discussion-The above very old chart includes both Sir William Picton with his daughter Joan who was married to Sir John Wogan and Philip Picton with his wife Maud Dyer.  A lot of my source transfer locations outside this website, have changed over time, do not work and require you to redetermine or find the new address.

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I think the below Pedigree Chart by J Glyn Picton is based on the old Pedigree Chart created in the 1600's.

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