21st Century Roesch Reunion Pictures

Roesch Reunion - June 16, 2018 - Schilling Bridge Winery
in Pawnee City

Front – L to R: (on floor) Penny Ebmeier, Anna (Ebmeier) Weber, Franny Ebmeier, Deanna Ebmeier and Isaac Ebmeier

Middle – L to R: (Seated) Bryce McClarnen, Laura (Ebmeier) Bloss, Rose Ebmeier, Cathy Ebmeier and Carol Coffey

Back – L to R: Rod Carroll, Tara (Nelson) Carroll, Glenda Nelson, Owen Picton, Dylan Weber, Pat Ebmeier, Gary Nelson, David Picton, Joe Ebmeier and Dan Coffey

Roesch Reunion - June 17, 2017 - Schilling Bridge Winery
in Pawnee City

Front – L to R: Cindy Picton, Kathryn Picton, Franny Ebmeier, Rose Ebmeier, Martha Picton, Silas Bloss and Paul Picton

Middle – L to R: David Picton, Mary Syre, Dorothy Tubach, Isaac Ebmeier (being held), Joe Ebmeier, Penny Ebmeier (being held), Deanna Ebmeier, Glenda Nelson, Laura (Ebmeier) Bloss, and Owen Picton

Back – L to R: Dud Syre, Pat Ebmeier, Allan Tubach, Gary Nelson, Cathy Ebmeier, Mark Bloss and Dorothy Schmidt

Roesch Reunion - June 18, 2016 - Mahoney State Park

Front – L to R: Rose Ebmeier, Franny Ebmeier, Penny Ebmeier, Isaac Ebmeier, Paul Picton, Martha Picton, and Kathryn Picton

Middle – L to R; Silas Bloss (being held), Laura (Ebmeier) Bloss, Sue Roesch, Glenda Nelson, Lisa Tubach, Dorothy Tubach, Mary Syre, and Owen Picton

Back – L to R: Deanna Ebmeier, Joe Ebmeier, Pat Ebmeier, Cathy Ebmeier, Bob Roesch, Gary Nelson, Allan Tubach, Dud Syre and David Picton

Harold Roesch Family - Brylie Roesch baptism
at St Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Falls City, Nebraska, USA
June 12, 2016

Front Row - L to R: Mary Ellen Roesch, Aydin McDonald, Tracy Roesch, David Roesch, Laura Roesch, Harold Roesch and Brylie Roesch

Back Row - L to R: John Latimer, Pastor Andrew, Kaitlin (Roesch) Latimer, Ethan Roesch, Shannon McDonald, Reagan Roesch, Robb Roesch and Heather Roesch

2014 Roesch Reunion
Table 1
June 28, 2014

2014 Roesch Reunion
Table 2
June 28, 2014

2014 Roesch Reunion
Table 3
June 28, 2014

Roesch Reunion
at St Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church - 100 year celebration
November 24, 2013

Roesch's at Laura's Wedding in June 2012

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